Lychees are oval to round, depending on variety, and measure about 3 cm in diameter. They have a leathery, scaly, skin, which ranges in color from pink to red. The flesh is semi-translucent, firm and jelly-like, containing a single, shiny, inedible, brown seed. They have tangy, sweet and juicy taste.
Seven lychees (one serve) contain as much vitamin C as a small orange and provide 100% of the recommended
daily intake of vitamin C. They also contain vitamin B and phosphorus.
Lychees are ranked second behind strawberries in antioxidant levels.
They have fewer than 65 calories per 100g and are fat-free.


  • Packaging: cartons of 2 kg net
  • Recommended storage & transport temperature: 0.5 °C
  • Relative Humidity: 95
  • Freezing Temperature: -1°C
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