Like all other citrus fruits the lemon is a fruit with a remarkable high vitamin C content (52 mg per 100 g), which remains very stable over time. The vitamin C content of freshly squeezed lemon juice is substantially the same as that of the pulp (50 to 60 mg per 100 g), but in the juice vitamin C is in contact with the air, which means it is rapidly oxidized. Therefore, it is best to quickly use and consume the juice of the lemon.The lemon also provides a wide range of B vitamins and some vitamin E (0.8 mg per 100 g). Being a very juicy fruit, the lemon contains about 90% water, in which various nutrients are dissolved. Israel has various lemon varieties. Our company offers lemons for export from December to June.


  • Weight: per pease – 225-450gr
  • Packaging: cartons of 11-14 kg net
  • Recommended storage & transport temperature: 10 °C
  • Relative Humidity: 90
  • Freezing Temperature: -1.4°C


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