Whatever the variety, strawberries are a fruit with the high water content (about 90%) and relatively light in carbohydrates or sugars (6-9%, average of a fruit: 10-14%). As a result, and given its low levels of protein and fat, strawberries provide little energy: on average 35 kcal or 146 kJ per 100 g, which is not a lot for a fruit. The carbohydrates are giving the strawberry its sweet flavor. It is rich in vitamin C: just a portion of 150 g (what is usually being eaten) comprehensively covers the recommended daily intake of this vitamin (80 mg for adults).
The vitamin B group is present with average quantities, with the presence of biotin (vitamin B8) and folate (vitamin B9), two B vitamins generally quite sparse in fruits. Finally, a small amount of provitamin A (carotene) is also present. The mineral density of the strawberry (mineral intake per 100 kcal) is very interesting, especially for magnesium (34 mg/100 kcal), calcium (57 mg/100 kcal) and iron (1.14 mg/100 kcal).


  • Packaging: 10 x 250 gr punnets in carton of 2.5 kg net
  • Recommended storage & transport temperature: 0.5 °C
  • Relative Humidity: 95
  • Freezing Temperature: -0.8°C


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